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Caterpillars: babies & pre-walkers

These classes are for parents or carers with babies from birth up to when they start walking. Flutterby Music aims to provide a calm musical experience for all to enjoy, giving you an opportunity to bond with your baby as you learn together. We develop confidence with bouncing songs, tickling games, peekaboo games, lullabies, dances, teddies and much more. We encourage babies to become aware of their bodies as they start to gain more control over their movements and to develop their language and communication skills through listening and hearing others sing. It is also an opportunity for the parent/carer to increase their repertoire of songs and rhymes and to develop confidence in their own singing voice.  Starting classes at this young age gives your baby a knowledge of the songs and rhymes so that they have an excellent head start for when they are ready to speak and sing in later classes.


10.40am - 11.15am

(Class is 30 mins, extra time allowed for getting little ones sorted before and after!)

Woodlands Arts Centre

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Chrysalises: walkers - 2 years

Red Butterflies: 2-3 years

Orange Butterflies: 3-4 years

Yellow Butterflies: reception

Green Butterflies: yr1/2

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