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About Colourstrings

Colourstrings has been a core part of state music education in Finland for more than 30 years and was the first approach to offer a musical education to young children in the UK.  It is an internationally respected approach to teaching music to young children.  Colourstrings is an extension of the Kodály philosophy - everything starts with singing to develop inner hearing.

Colourstrings is a child-centred approach, encouraging each child to reach their musical potential through play and imagination, fun and creativity, without pressure.   

The children have lots of fun singing, clapping, marching, exploring percussion instruments and using various props and materials. They don’t realise that the songs have been carefully chosen to explore different musical concepts such as pitch, pulse, rhythm, tempo, mood and character, dynamics, form and structure.  

The core repertoire of a Colourstrings class is the Singing Rascals books. These colourful, beautifully illustrated books are an endless source of fun for young children and the songs have been carefully composed to develop musicality, inner hearing and a in-built sense of pulse and pitch. Getting to know these songs really well leads to being able to develop musical skills and understanding in a safe and comfortable way that promotes achievement.

By the age of 5 or 6 children who have attended sessions from an early age have the basics of reading and writing stick notation and are beginning to sight sing.  With this imbedded understanding and love for music, children are then ready to move on to starting an instrument.

Adapted from the Colourstrings UK website, see www.colourstrings.co.uk for more information

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