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Green Butterflies: Yr 1/Yr 2
continuation class

The Green Butterflies continue their Colourstrings journey, exploring more complex rhythms, extending their solfa knowledge to the full major scale (do, re, mi etc) and tackling more complex  musical material, such as rounds.

Notation reading skills continue to be developed alongside  starting to write notation and we start to use the songs we know to explore the beginnings of pitch notation.

Singing skills are still at the forefront, with plenty of games and activities to extend the range and confidence of their voices. We also experience improvisation and continue to play more complex songs on tuned percussion.

By the end of the year, Green Butterflies should have many of the skills needed to easily transfer them onto an instrument, should they wish to take one up.

Mondays 5.00pm - 5.40pm

Woodlands Arts Centre

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