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Looking for a music class in Medway or Sittingbourne for your baby, toddler or child?

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Flutterby Music uses the internationally acclaimed Colourstrings approach to develop your baby or child’s innate musicality from the early years, through enjoyable songs, rhymes, games, percussion, dances and movement.

Through carefully structured and progressive sessions, that are age-specific (for 0-7 year olds), children are taken on a fun journey each week where they develop their sense of pulse, rhythm and pitch in a fun and playful way.

Classes are great for:

•Having lots of fun!

•Developing the bond between parent and baby

•Helping to nurture babies’ developing communication and language skills

•Giving parents more confidence in singing to and with their children

•Improving concentration and memory skills, emotional development, motor skills, social skills, coordination and self confidence

•Exploring the imagination

•Developing the inner ear - the ability to sing in tune and ‘hear’ music written down

•Developing a sense of pulse (keeping the beat)

•Learning about musical concepts unconsciously (such as fast-slow, loud-quiet)

•Reading musical notation (age 3+)

•Improving general ability in literacy, numeracy, language and reasoning

•Preparing children for whatever musical journey they wish to take later on and giving them all the skills they need to start learning an instrument

• Taught by a qualified Associate Colourstrings Kindergarten Teacher

• High quality music education

• Building musical literacy from the very beginning and nurturing the musicality of each individual child

Thank you very much to all parents and children who kindly allowed me to use their photographs

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