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Orange Butterflies: 3-4 years

At this age children are starting to feel more confident, and with a little encouragement they are able to attend independently of their parent and carer. We continue to explore the musical concepts through fun songs and games, rhymes, movement and dances but add in the start of musical notation reading through finding Mummy and Baby Bear’s paw prints. We also clap different rhythms, start to sing more and to sing small solos, and identify songs when hearing them.

If your child is slightly nervous about attending without you, you might like to consider joining the Red Butterflies: 2-3 year class for a term or so to let them gain confidence and song knowledge before starting this class.

Mondays 10.05am - 10.35am

Woodlands Arts Centre

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Caterpillars: babies /pre-walkers

Chrysalises: walkers - 2 years

Red Butterflies: 2-3 years

Yellow Butterflies: reception

Green Butterflies: yr1/yr2

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