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Red Butterflies: 2 -3 years years

These classes are for children ages between 2 and 3 years, or for 3 years olds new to Colourstrings wanting to spend some time in class with their parent to gain confidence before coming to class on their own.

As your child develops they can join in with action songs, start to contribute ideas for what to do next or whether to go fast or slow and start to sing themselves. We also enjoy number rhymes, body awareness songs, develop a sense of pulse and play some fun musical games.  We meet Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear in Musicland and explore the musical concepts through the three Colourstrings books as well as other songs and rhymes.  We try out a variety of percussion instruments and develop our imagination through the story within the songs.

Mondays 11.20am - 11.50am

Woodlands Arts Centre

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Caterpillars: babies/pre-walkers

Chrysalises: walkers - 2 years

Orange Butterflies: 3-4 years

Yellow Butterflies: reception

Green Butterflies: yr1/yr 2

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